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    Shenzhen Huiye IOT Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of wireless IOT equipment and solutions in the industry. The product sales cover Asia, North America, South America, Eurasia and other parts of the world. It is the main supplier of M2M equipment in China. It provides a full range of reliable support and services in mobile communication internet, GPS terminal equipment, vehicle information intelligent terminal, asset management information intelligent terminal, animal traceability intelligent terminal, personal security intelligent terminal and other fields.

    With years of experience in GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G wireless communication, GPS, WiFi, bluetouch and other wireless technology fields, Huiye can provide products and services with stable quality, advanced technology and high cost-effective, which can be quickly integrated into customers' wireless Internet of IOT business, and help customers establish a professional and powerful Internet of IOT system. Huiye is the most trustworthy partner.

    Since Huiye establishment, which has an annual output value over 3 billion RMB. It is the earliest well-known ODM solution providers in the industry in China.until now,in the fields of mobile communication, Internet of IOT equipment, IOT module etc, Huiye's cumulative shipment volume has exceeded 100 million units.