Exercises That Strengthen Your Legs at Home

To continue with our “Exercising to do at home” section, let’s learn how to do leg strengthening exercises at home. Leg exercises are fundamental and often forgotten, especially by men.

Exercises to strengthen the legs:

The work of the lower limbs is important because it involves a large muscle mass, the most powerful muscles of the body are those of the legs. That is why doing leg exercises not only allows toning, but also burn many calories.

These 6 exercises to tone the legs are also characterized by being polyarticular (involving more than one joint) and that makes them very good exercises to lose weight, burning many calories.

There are many exercises of legs, we will highlight our 6 favorites:


It is a very complete exercise, works the hamstrings, quadriceps and buttocks mainly. It is also an exercise that closely resembles the activities of daily life and / or work so it has a useful transfer. In this way, you can do more day-to-day tasks with less fatigue.

3. Wall Stitches

The squats on the wall that you will see below are a kind of isometric exercise, where the contraction of the muscle occurs without there being movement of the joint.

Therefore, these squats on the wall are extremely useful for working the muscles of your knee and therefore useful to prevent and recover from injuries such as patellar tendinitis, iliotibial belt syndrome, quadricipital tendonitis and other injuries that a runner Can suffer in this area.

All you need to do the squats, will be a wall in which you can support your back during the execution of the squats, being able to perform the exercise both barefoot and shoes with our running shoes.

4. Hip abductions

It is a key exercise to reduce the risk of suffering from low back pain because it focuses on the gluteus medius, a usually weak muscle.

5.Scissors or Lunge

Like squats, you work all the muscles of the lower limbs and have a lot of transfer to daily activities. It’s the way you should bend down to pick up objects from the ground.

6. Highs

This exercise is only suitable for people already trained, with a certain level. It is very important to go in progression, from small jumps to higher jumps. It is a very good muscle power exercise. In addition, it has a positive effect on bone mineral density due to impacts, so it is recommended to prevent osteoporosis.

7. One-Leg Seats

It is a variant of squats. Very similar but more demanding in terms of stabilization. It is a complicated exercise, which must be performed after a phase of acclimatization to training. This exercise prevents injuries to ankles, knees and lower back thanks to proprioceptive improvement (the connection between your brain and your muscles).

8.Glute Exercise

It is important to work this muscle so important in daily life and in sports performance. Both men and women must. In addition, it should be done with a load (e.g. elastic band) that hinders the movement, adjusting it to your possibilities. It is very common to do so without any additional resistance and is an error since the stimulus will be insufficient to cause adaptations.

The basic technique of these workout exercises is to keep your back straight (natural physiological curvatures), to bend your knees up to 90 degrees, that the tip of the knee never exceed the tip of the foot and that the knees do not extend completely.

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