Exercising While Having Cancer

Having cancer can make you feel powerless and without hope. It can make you feel like your destiny has been taken out of your hands and your life depends on the doctors around you. Often your body will undergo tremendous physical strain and the key is to take the power back and put it into your corner. One of the best ways to do this is to start working out and putting your body in the prime position to defeat cancer. There is strong evidence that supports exercise as an extremely beneficial form of cancer treatment. If you have cancer and decide to start working out make sure you consult a medical professional before you begin exercising. If exercising results in shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, or pain, you need to stop immediately and call your doctor.

Not only does exercising help with treatment, but studies have shown that not exercising can have negative effect on a cancer patient. Staying inactive and having too much rest will cause patients to lose strength, function, and have chronic illnesses that come along with cancer.

After you have spoken to your doctor and are ready to begin exercising, you need to cater your workout to your needs and determine your goals. Workouts for a cancer patient need to be conducted in short bursts and frequent rests in between sets. Always start your workouts by stretching, go over every large muscle and be sure to warm up every inch of your body. This improves your flexibility and gives you better balance. Physical training as well as aerobic training are both key essentials while working out.

Physical training is also going to help with your mindset and in your battle against cancer. Physical training will include weight training, push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. It will improve your mood and make you feel stronger. You will lessen your risk of osteoporosis, keep your weight up and it will definitely decrease your dependency on others.

Aerobic training includes walking, running, rollerblading and so forth. This kind of training will improve blood flow throughout your body and will reduce the possibility of blood clots. Aerobic training will also improve your stamina and can help reduce nausea and fatigue during cancer treatments.

Having cancer will zap your energy and here are ways to avoid fatigue and keep your body up through the hard times. You need to try and workout when you are feeling your best, make sure you enjoy what you are doing, and finally work out regularly at a light intensity. Always be mindful of your body and never push yourself to hard.

The goals of working out while having cancer are to boost your energy and your immune system. Your program is going to depend on what type of cancer you have. You and your doctor should work together to develop an exercise program that fits your needs. Not only will exercising help your treatment with cancer, prevent the side effects that come along with it, it will improve your quality of life.

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