How Does Marijuana Affect You?

Often marijuana is used as a recreational drug, also called cannabiswhich is a combination of dried leaves, flower and seeds.However, it is being used as a medicine legally but in almost all states of America, it is illegal to use as a recreational substance and people are addicted to it in USA.Unlike all of these, it has not yet been approved as a medicine by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because marijuana is an addictive substance.

According to the statistics, about 10% of people have become addicted to it. Use of marijuana by people has become a matter of concern because according to the experts, since 8-10 years, the amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and Oxycodonehas increased in marijuana. The amount of THC and Oxycodonewas from 1% to 4% but now it has increased to 7% because of which people are becoming addicted Oxycodone in it. Therefore, it affects you in various ways.

Respiratory System

There are many types of toxic substances in marijuana smoke such as hydrogen cyanide, and ammonia which certainly damages the lungs. Due to smoking marijuana cough, phlegmproblems are common.The risk of asthma and cystic fibrosis primarily in the respiratory disorders remains on the user.

Circulatory System

THC spread into your lungs, through the lungs into the blood and then spread into the whole body which causes the heart rate to increase and continues approximately 3 hours, consequently, can cause heart attacks. Having bloodshot eyes is also a symptom of marijuana because the continuous use of marijuana causes blood vessels to spread in the eyes.Apart from this, it also affects blood pressure and blood sugar.

Central Nervous System

CNS has long-term effects because THC that present in marijuana stimulates to release dopamine in anexcessive amount which makes you feel good but it does not reach the right information to your brain, then you cannot make a decision confidently. It may damage the memory and when consuming high amount it becomes difficult to remember new things. Not only this, marijuana affects the cerebellum and basal ganglia that work to maintain balance. Apart from this, the user becomes a victim of hallucination.And in the symptoms of withdrawal, you have to face insomniaand irritability.

Digestive System

Marijuana is also used in eating and drinking which causes digestive problems. Due to excessive amounts of THC, it is common for nausea and vomiting. It is also harmful tothe liver. On the contrary, marijuana increases appetite.Use of marijuana can be harmful to you if you want to lose weight.

Changes to mind and mood

Many people use it for recreational activities as compared to other drugs because it can be easily obtained. After using marijuana, it affects the user for 3 to 4 hours.As a result, the user feels happy and relaxedbut it is not permanent. Smoking marijuanaaffects mind and mood significantly which includes the following:

  • Paranoia
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Random thinking
  • Suicidal thoughts

Not only this, using marijuana affect the immune system also that has been proven by research done on animals. The research has shown that due to anexcessive amount of THC, the immune system is affected negatively. Consequently, the user becomes more vulnerable to diseases.

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