What is Depression?

More than just being “sad” as we often mean when we use the word depression, it entails more than just one emotion. It is basically characterized by feeling sad, helpless, and hopeless. It may be related to different biological influences such as malnutrition, heredity, hormonal imbalance, changing seasons, stress, illness, substance abuse, neurotransmitter malfunction, long-term exposure to dampness and mold, spine injury, and prolonged exposure to aerosol. Nevertheless, a specific cause cannot be pointed out. A person with history of depression in the family may not experience being depressed. Furthermore, there are different social aspects that affect an individual’s emotional stability. For instance, a sad life event such as death in the family may cause grief which may lead to being depressed. It’s the same way how stressful or unhappy family atmosphere can affect people’s self-esteem and lead to depression.

A depressed person may prefer staying in her room more than usual. He or she may also have trouble concentrating and getting motivated doing something. Feeling tired all the time is usual too. Often, even if the person feels very tired, he or she will find it hard to fall asleep. Also, weight gain or weigh loss is very common. Moreover, a depressed person is likely to be sad all the time without knowing why. He/ She may feel like crying even if nothing particularly bad happened. Depression is a condition that affects people of every race, economic status, or age. However, it has been reported that girls get more affected than guys.

Family members as well as friends need to be more aware of such condition and must recognize if a loved one is already suffering. They can respond with love and kindness. If Your are in trouble just take: online counseling Offering to listen if the person wants to talk and showing support may help shaking up the depression. If the condition persists and doesn’t pass after some time, friends or family member must encourage the person to seek help from a doctor, therapist or a counselor.

Not everybody really recognizes the severity of this condition. Some people misconstrue the situation. They sometimes respond to the depressed person’s low energy with criticism. They would yell at the person for being lazy or not trying harder. Some people believe that depression is just an attitude or a certain mood that a person can easily shake off. Even people experiencing depression may not always be able to tell what they are going through. They might think that they are just weak and may cause them to hide their real situation and avoid getting help. This is because depression clouds someone’s mind; they get overly anxious and pessimistic.

The best way to treat depression is through Psychotherapy which is mostly counseling. This does not only include the client but also the family and other people who are involved to the person. Medication may also be prescribed if the person still cannot overcome the condition. This is to avoid serious mental depression which can lead to impulsive behavior. These anti-stress medicines are proven to be fast and effective.

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