5 Athleisure Must-Haves for Fit Women

Fit Women

Feeling comfortable and ready to get into your fitness goals has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. One great aspect of mindfulness and willingness to move is the way you look in terms of the clothes you wear. You may find this strange, but the truth is that clothes can affect your mood and behavior. In case you enjoy a more sporty and casual lifestyle, or plan to get fit (ter), don’t hesitate to fill your wardrobe and enrich your outfits with some athleisure essentials. Getting sporty and fit doesn’t have to mean that you can’t feel stylish at the same time.

1. Comfy and breathable footwear

There are plenty of footwear options available these days. The key here is to choose shoes that will match your activities and personality the most. Luckily, the two usually go well together. Essentially, when choosing shoes, you should prioritize the fit and comfort before anything else. Therefore, take the time to try them on and walk around a bit, to see if they are the perfect fit. These days, breathable and light materials are not only trendy, but are also perfect for fitness footwear and warmer days ahead. In that respect, you may want to look into these kinds of shoes that will allow you the lightness of movement and sock-like comfort.

2. Stay stylish with sporty bottoms

Obviously, athleisure fashion has come a long way, and the choice of sporty and cool bottoms is vast. Moreover, you’ll always need more than one pair of bottoms for different situations. In that respect, make sure to always have slightly loose sweatpants that still follow your figure flatteringly. These can be paired with other clothing bits and pieces easily to create different looks. Moreover, comfortable active shorts, as well as leggings, are true must-haves for fitness-enthusiastic ladies who care about their comfort and style.

3. Sports bras are a true essential

When it comes to athleisure must-haves, there’s nothing quite like a top-quality sports bra. This is very important if you actually want to get some exercise done, and generally feel and look good in your athleisure wear. All ladies know that a good bra can make a drastic change to the overall look. Unfortunately, the same goes for a bra that’s not comfy or sturdy enough. This is why it’s paramount that you invest in top-quality sports bras that will provide the support you need, allow you to move freely, and still look your best.

4. The variety of tops

Athleisure tops come in all styles and designs. This is definitely where you get the maximum freedom to give a personal touch to your fashionable outfits. After all, feeling and looking great all the time, even when you’re getting ready to exercise, is a great mood and productivity booster. Regardless of what top style you prefer, make sure that you pay attention to the materials the tops are made of. Essentially, you want to choose breathable, airy and thin materials that will fight away the post-workout odor.

5. Cool accessories

With athleisure fashion getting more popular and more beneficial for encouraging ladies to get fitter, there has been a burst of accessories that can effectively accompany this fashion style. For starters, sporty bags and backpacks can now be found in an array of different colors and designs for you to choose from. Moreover, wireless earbuds, LED heel clips, belts designed specifically for fitness enthusiasts to carry their essentials, clip-on mp3 players, wrist and headbands, etc. make a great addition to your fitness lifestyle.

True, working out on a regular basis is not about fashion, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a burst of positivity and encouragement that comes with proper outfits. Moreover, the athleisure style is trendy and cool, and allows you to enjoy various social and daily situations while looking fabulous, happy and comfortable.

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