Diabetes Prevention and Treatment

Tired easily, having unusual thirst and rapid loss of weight? If you do, you might be suffering from diabetes. A disease that is characterized by high blood sugar which can give long term damage to a person’s body-malfunction of organs , especially the eyes and kidneys.

The main medical reason for a person to have diabetes is the lack of insulin or minimal insulin. Insulin is a hormone in the body that controls the sugar level of the muscles, fat and liver. This sickness has many downsides if the person will not take any precautions. Loss of sight, kidney malfunction, heart attack, wounds that are longer to heal or most of the time won’t heal and being impotent. Diabetes is a very serious disease that there is no medicine available to cure it, only treatment to increase insulin and a nutritional diet.

There are two types. The first type is insulin dependent; this disease occurs early as a child and requires several injection of insulin since the pancreas is no longer producing insulin to support them. The second type is non-insulin dependent in which the organs are not able to use the insulin even if the body is generating, these type usually take place because of lifestyle, such as lack of nutritional diet, exercise and obesity. There are several symptoms that you might be suffering from this sickness. Your blood sugar is higher than 200 mg/dl, frequent urinating, excessive thirst, loss weight immediately without reason.

Also peoples that has high risk of having diabetes are hereditary if you have family members that already has it, people doesn’t watch their weight and over eat, people with hypertension, high cholesterol level and inactive lifestyle. The only for people to lessen the pain caused by these disease they can maintain a nutritious diet, stay away from sugars eat foods with more carbohydrate, eat fiber-rich foods and pass up alcohol. Exercise is also an effective way to control your glucose. Frequent exercise is the best way to control this disease, it decreases body fats and it can help insulin to work better. You would need to give up smoking and retain a normal body pressure.

Research says that 80% of people with diabetes transpire because of lifestyle. This implements that aside from hereditary cause of this disease the grounds for it is lack of concern for the body. There is nothing wrong in watching what an individual eat and regularly taking exercise after all everyone is responsible for their own body. Taking necessary steps to avoid this sickness is better than curing it. This type of disease only takes place if a person normally disregards his health and continues with his lifestyle. Its the bodies way of telling that it is already defiled from what an individual eat and with lack of exercise, this sickness if once inflected in your body can no longer be removed, only continuous treatment to control it. An individual must take necessary steps to avoid this for him and especially for his future kids not to have it.

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