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Let’s all admit it! The first thing we often notice in a person is their eyes. It is even considered as the window of one’s soul. Whether this is true or not, it is important to have fabulous fringe all the time. The color and type of eyeshadow, the shape of our eyebrows and the volume of our eyelashes matter for us to fully attain a gorgeous eye look.

I will give you eye make up tips specifically on how to achieve fabulous eyelashes. We love big, fat, long eyelashes, don’t we? So here are simple tips on how to fake this kind of lashes that we all want. Prepare the things that you need namely:

Eyelash curler (Make sure it is of a good kind and quality.)

Primer (This is necessary for those who have thin lashes.)

Creamy mascara (There are so many brands and it comes in different colors. Use the brand that works for you and the color that will make you pull of the look the want to achieve.)

False eyelash flare (This is used if you want to add more volume to your lashes. There are many kinds and brands being sold in the market. So, you would not have a hard time looking for this stuff.)

Eyelash comb

Before applying eye makeup, make sure that you have let your face lotion dry fully. This will help prevent the eye make up to smudge as you apply. Also do not neglect to dust a light powder over your undereye concealer.

First step: Position your eyelash curler possibly to the roots of your lashes. Just ensure that you are not pinching your skin as this would really hurt. Gently clamp down. Then hold in place for a few seconds.

Second step: Move the eyelash curler farther out. Then again do very light press. Repeat this step once or twice. Make sure that each time you should move the curler incrementally closer to the ends of your eyelashes.

Third step (optional): Brush on a coat of primer IF your lashes are thin. There is no need to go through this step if you already have thick eyelashes.

Fourth Step: Take the creamy mascara you have chosen. Hold the wand at the base of your eyelashes. Wiggle slightly from side to side and then brush straight up to the tip of your lashes. You can apply two or three coats to each eye depending on the thickness you want to achieve. You need to let dry the mascara in between application. Drying in between would take around two minutes.

Fifth step: To create a feathery look, brush the top quarter of your lashes with an eyelash comb after each coat of mascara. If you want to avoid smudges, apply one coat of waterproof formula.

Sixth step: This step is also optional. Do this if you want even more volume in your eyelashes. You can glue false eyelash flare onto the outer corner of each eye, right at the lash line.

Now go and bat those big, fat, long lashes of yours and enjoy the stares of people!

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