Yoga Is A Good Way To Maintain A Healthy Body

Diabetes is the leading cause of death in the world. Crores of people, including young and old, diabetic and suffers from not only diabetes but also from its complications, and due to which diabetes is also called the “mother of all diseases.” Thus, diabetes affects the whole body. Even with diet control, medication and insulin injections people have a high level of glucose in the body, and they have nothing to do about it.

Yoga is a very popular form of which have unique advantages of its own. There are so many health issues, which get cured and controlled by just doing yoga and “Diabetes is one of them. Regular yoga not only monitors your glucose levels, as well as controls the complications that may arise in your body because of diabetes.

In diabetes, almost 80% of the beta cells of the pancreas do not work. The main function of these cells to release and hormone called insulin, which controls the level of glucose in the blood. Thus, the most beneficial for yoga diabetes “Mandook Asan” or “frog crouch”, as it helps in the activation of beta-cells and thus helps to control blood sugar levels. This can be done within five to fifteen minutes depending on need. The blood pressure of the patient should perform this Asana under the supervision / advice of a doctor. Here are the stages of yoga:

1. Sit on your knees

2. Make fists of both hands

3. Put your hands around the navel

4. Bend entirely, so that the chest touches the knees

5. Press as hard as you can carry both fists

6. Stay in this position as long as you can bear

There are others, as well as yoga, which helps a lot in the prevention of complications arising from diabetes, which may include vision problems, heart disease, kidney and liver, and much more. Diabetes does not always occur because of genetic reasons, but also from other causes such as mental stress and unhealthy eating habits. As unhealthy diet, you can hold it, and what to do to stress. In yoga, the importance placed on “Pranayaam” or the art of conscious control of breathing. These exercises are vital for the prevention of other health problems associated with diabetes. Such exercises include, Bhastrika “or” bellows “,” Ship Bhatti “or” cleansing breathing exercises “and” Brahmari “or” bumblebee “.

Bellows or Bhastrika highly enhance the implementation of abdominal breathing, low-cost physical energy, so beginners should be done with 2-second inhalation and exhalation for 2 seconds; (15 breaths per minute) without any forces on the inhale and exhale, but experts, it is carried out by breathing abdominally at a rate of 1.4 breaths per second, with breaths, and also emphasizes the same vigor.

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